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It is the clear intent and goal of the Action American Advocate Organization to chronicle the amazing and controversial events of our times and to help enlighten and inspire all who are dedicated
Truth Seekers to help enact positive change in our world.

Because the information contained herein has been compiled from many different national and international news sources, we cannot nor do we absolutely guaranty or verify the validity or truth of it's content. This is your job. You must corroborate this information to satisfy yourself.
We only wish to expose this information to the
'general public' so as a collective "Army of Free Thinkers", we the people can decide our own destiny and choose our own fate rather than be manipulated by a minority of power hungry, globalist hypocrites.

Regarding previously published news articles and information; all known sources shall be revealed and given credit. In some cases the content has been re-written to avoid copyright infringement but the facts will remain true to the original news stories as they were written.

This web site's information will be updated constantly, as it becomes available to keep up with breaking news stories and to further expand the information base.

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"not for profit" public entities.
We accept no revenues of any kind from corporations or other "for profit"
organizations, that wish to manipulate popular opinion by monetary means.
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