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Action American Advocate
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Your source for news and information
that you might not have seen
in your local newspaper or on TV.

Politically Incorrect Graphics and more
let you show the world how you feel!
Show your true colors!

Let the world know how you feel
about the 'News Issues' of the day.
We want to know what YOU think!
Carpe Diem.

Real UFO, Black Helicopter &
Ghost Sightings. Research Groups.
UFO, Alien, Space &
Paranormal photos.

Listings of other sources of information
for you to discover.

Essays concerning the greatest traitors
and dangerous turncoats of our times.

Words and terms that are handy in
The "New World Order".

Data base of contacts for starting your
own grassroots movement.

K.C. has a track record over 90%
See what's ahead for the future!

Words of wisdom from the wise.
Read the Charlton Heston speech!

Illuminati, Freemasons,
U.S. Government, NATO

Clinton Death List,
Paranormal Sightings

UFO's, Aliens, Patriots, Paranormal,
New World Order & more.

U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights
& more.



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