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If you are a first time visitor to the
Action American Advocate web site
please take a few moments to read this brief message.

We are all about to experience a paradigm shift of world wide proportions that
promises to change life as we know it. A major reality check!
The Apocalypse.
The word itself provokes fear in most people, but, the word 'Apocalypse' is an
ancient Greek word that actually means "Enlightenment".
The Apocalypse does not have to end in death & destruction of our world,
it can be our 'birth & renewal'. It is up to US!!!

"Knowledge is Power"
and the power to affect change lies in the hands of those who hold the knowledge.
That is the mission of the
Action American Advocate web site!

You are about to embark on a new & exciting adventure!
This journey starts with a question;


If you are then stop now and move on to something else,
We don't want to waste your time or ours.

The Action American Advocate web site hopes to expose the truth by
re-examining our past & current political, religious & human history.
Believe me, the truth is stranger than fiction!!!

Now that you have decided that you are not afraid of the truth
and wish to begin this journey you must make a choice;

'To Be A Part Of The Solution Or Part Of The Problem'

Have you ever asked some of these questions of yourself or others;

What is the New World Order?
Is a 'One World Government' in our future?
One Nation Under GOD? Who's GOD?
How can I become a part of the Solution?
Is Y2K a planned event meant to enslave the entire planet?
Are UFO's Real?
Who are the Illuminati?
Why does History seem to Repeat Itself?
What side am I on?
Is the IRS a Legal Constitutional entity?
What is 'GLOBALISM'?


Let us find the answers together...

You Have Reached The
Web Site