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Ver'bum Sa''pien'ti

This page will list various predictions made by our own resident prophet 'K.C. Ender' and by others in the field. You may send your own predictions to us and we will print them on our "Readers prediction page' for all to see. We will have a complete accounting of the success/failure rate of these predictions at the end of the year.

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Predictions for 1998-2000
By Agent Ender

We will see the gradual signs of economic 'Deflation' begin to surface around the globe. Look for lower gasoline prices.
We will see lowering market values for real estate, mainly in middle class residential neighborhoods and in multi-unit office complexes.

The FED will be pressured to keep interest rates down because of the lack of
'expendable income' left available to the consumer.

Food prices will continue to rise and the 'quality level' will continue to deteriorate as 'giant corporate farms' try to consolidate their power and push their 'bloated' profit margins even higher.

We will see more consumer products sold in the U.S. that were made in China, Mexico and other 'slave labor' countries. This is due to the World Bank (IMF-International Monetary Fund) 'bail-out' of the troubled Asian Banks and gloomy economic outlook for that region.

Consumer items such as refrigerators and other appliances, that were once made in this country, will now be made in countries that owe America and the World Bank billions of dollars that they can not repay! This will be the final
'Ruination' of our manufacturing base as the U.S. becomes totally dependant on other countries to manufacture the goods that we buy here in America. This will mean that more American jobs will be lost-i.e. 'less disposable income available to be spent here in America adding to DEFLATION!
The cost of these 'goods & services' will continue to rise as the 'Corporate Elite' try to MILK the last drops of profit from a 'dry well', called America.

'debtor nations', like Korea, will default on their loans, as more 'lender nations', such as Saudi Arabia and America, call in their outstanding loans for payment. As this happens, collapse of the world economic markets are assured.
This will leave open the door for
'Global Economic Reform' on a mass scale. One economic standard for all. That folks is the 'New World Order'. The prophetic words of the former leader of the Soviet Union, Nikita Krueschev, are coming true;
"We (USSR) will not have to destroy you (USA), you will destroy yourselves. And when that happens, we (USSR) will walk right in."


Don't be fooled folks, Bill Clinton is not in any kind of trouble. This whole Monica Lewinski business is just a sham. This Clinton planned episode is just a diversion to take the heat off of the REAL NEWS - TREASON!!! Bill Clinton has sold China our country's nuclear weapons technology!!! The president is being investigated by Special Investigator, Ken Starr, appointed by  Attorney General Janet Reno. Both are Clinton allies! Don't forget, Ken Starr was the same Clinton agent that handled both the Vince Foster and Ron Brown investigations (see the Clinton Death List). Using FBI tainted evidence he found nothing and closed both cases sighting no relevant evidence to continue a probe. Do you honestly think he will find anything to remove Bill Clinton from office? HELL NO!
I believe Bill Clinton will be
IMPEACHED in the near future, probably around Christmas when most peoples minds are on other things like GREED and FOOTBALL GAMES! He will not, however, be removed from office. Instead he will attain the standing of KING or DICTATOR. Mark my words, this will happen! Also, as he continues to screw-up, you will see more and more military attacks on his enemies to divert attention from his EVIL DEEDS! Don't be surprised to see us involved in a war by spring of next year, 1999. Possibly in the Middle East or in the Balkan States area.

Hillary Clinton is the real power behind the throne. Believe it or not, she actually has more power than Bill himself! She is higher up the Illuminati ladder than he is and actually passes on the Illuminati's instructions to Bill. I predict she will run for President in 2000! Yes, President. She is more popular than Bill among the brain dead yuppie soccer mom population and will use the Monica scandal to get sympathy from the sheeple. Everybody and his brother will be running in 2000. Hillary will be running against a popular Republican nominee, probably George Bush JR. Governor from Texas. Beware, the 2000 election is already a done deal and the American voter will have NO say-so what-so-ever as it has always been.

But dear reader, don't despair, their time has come and gone. The New World Order global elite can no longer sustain their hold on us. The evidence is in the way they are desperately trying to hang on to their power. There will be rocky times ahead, economic inflation, war, Gun Control, UN take over of our country and mass starvation, but, it won't last long, and we will at last have peace!

If the people of this land continue to sleep, these events WILL come to pass in our lifetimes. Democracies only work when all of it's citizens are fully involved in the policy making process. Without Democracy, the alternative is 'Autonomous Self-destruction'. Just ask the people of Russia, Germany and Japan. Soon it will be to late for 'positive change' to have an immediate affect and all will be lost for this generation. We need a revolution! A revolution in 'public opinion'.
If we fail as our ancestors did, it will take many thousands of years before man dominates this planet again.
Me'a Cul'pa

"Just Say NO To the New World Order"



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